3 types of sanitary napkins and their benefits

September 17,2021




There are three kinds of sanitary napkins commonly seen at present: traditional flake sanitary napkins, tampons and liquid sanitary napkins.


Traditional sanitary napkins


The traditional sanitary napkin is the most commonly used in our daily life. According to the function, it can be divided into night use, daily use and pads; At the same time, according to whether there are wings or not, sanitary napkins are divided into two types: winged and wingless.


But in order to pursue a lighter skin feeling, as well as more occasions can be applied, sanitary napkins have also developed different "forms", such as tampons, liquid sanitary napkins.




The tampon looks like an ordinary cotton stick. The largest tampon is usually no more than 1.5cm in length. There is a string at the end of the tampon, which can be pulled out after use.


How to use it?


If ordinary sanitary napkins are for external use, tampons tend to be for internal use, which requires the tampon to be inserted into the body. The method of use is to push the tampon in slowly with a catheter. But make sure you wash your hands or disinfect your catheter first.


After being pushed inside, a small piece of string is left outside the body and can be removed by pulling the string when it needs to be replaced. The rope can withstand tension ranging from 3-8kg and will not break easily.


The advantages of tampons


👉There are no visible marks on the outside.


Because tampons are small and inside the body, there is no trace even if you wear clothes close to the body, allowing you to realize the "freedom of dressing" during your period.


👉Strong liquid absorption capacity, comfortable body feeling.


Cotton sliver for liquid absorption capacity is very strong, do not transport large flow sanitary napkin; And as long as you're in the right position, it doesn't feel foreign. Especially in summer, compared to being covered by thick sanitary napkins, tampons are just like liberating the crotch, which will be much more refreshing.


👉Tampon does not leak easily


If you think of menstrual blood as a stream, flowing from the inside out, the tampon acts as a dam in the middle of the stream, blocking the flow of the stream. Tampons are better at preventing side leakage than sanitary napkins that are used outside. Therefore, tampons are more suitable for bathing in hot springs or swimming during menstruations.


Liquid sanitary napkin


Liquid sanitary napkins are not innovative sanitary napkins in liquid form. It is made of a liquid material, with a unique technique to make it porous like a sponge, which is better for absorbing water.


Therefore, although the liquid sanitary napkin has a unique name, its appearance and use method are no different from traditional sanitary napkin.


Advantages of liquid sanitary napkins


👉Thinner, softer and more form-fitting


Liquid sanitary napkins look the same as ordinary sanitary napkins, but after all, they are made of new materials, so they are thinner and less sensitive. At the same time, their softness, elasticity and closeness are better than ordinary sanitary napkins.


👉Strong water absorption, more dry


The absorption capacity of liquids is also improved. After the menstrual blood touches the material, it will be absorbed to the bottom. The surface of the sanitary napkin is relatively dry and not as sticky as the traditional sanitary napkin.


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