Detailed info of raw material for diaper(recommended)

August 20,2021



As a typical absorbent sanitary product, disposable diapers have higher raw materials and manufacturing processes than general cleaning paper. Diapers are now used not only for babies, but also for adult incontinence products that improve the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled. Thus, diapers have good industry prospects. If you are going to work in this filed, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the structure and materials of diapers.


With regard to adult incontinence products, with the continuous changes in the domestic demographic structure, the entire industry has entered a period of rapid growth in recent years. And now the global aging is becoming more and more serious, and the elderly's demand for diapers is also rising.


If you start to be the wholesaler, you must have a good understanding, just like wholesale Daddy sneakers or 18 x 36 wood look tile, understanding their most basic information can improve the efficiency of the entire process. You can use electric moped scooter to check related knowledge in the library, or even run the factory. If you are going to the factory, it is recommended to take on the top loader backpack, you can bring their samples over for comparison. After going home, you can wear mazzucchelli eyewear to observe the quality under remote control ceiling light. Okay, now let’s look at the important information below.


Detailed info of raw material for diaper


Surface layer

The surface layer is directly in contact with the skin, so it is required to be soft and breathable. It does not absorb water, can keep the child's body dry, quickly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. The material used for the surface layer is non-woven fabric. The most commonly used in the field of diapers are hot-air non-woven fabrics and spunbond non-woven fabrics, among which hot-air non-woven fabrics have better performance.

hot air through nonwoven

hot air through nonwoven


Diversion layer

The flow guiding layer is located between the surface layer and the absorbent core, and its function is to make the diaper absorb liquid quickly, effectively and evenly. Because baby urine is discharged locally in the diaper, if it cannot be quickly and quickly drained to other locations, it will cause the local core of the diaper to become blocked due to excessive absorption, resulting in back seepage.

An important member of leak-proof is the ADL diversion layer in diapers. ADL is the abbreviation of Acquisition & Distribution Layer. This is a fibrous structure with fast absorption, diffusion, drainage and release of liquid. Its functional purpose is to quickly diffuse to the front and rear ends of the product when the liquid enters the product, so as to maximize the release of the function of the absorbent core. With a good flow guide layer, the total absorption capacity of the core design can be reduced, because the utilization rate of the entire product is improved, and the leakage prevention effect is still achieved.

adl raw material for diaper

adl raw material for diaper


Absorbent core

The diapers currently on the market are usually divided into two core structures: one is a full core. The other is a composite paper core, which is composed of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing resin (SAP).

Macromolecular water-absorbing resin (SAP) is a polymer with a three-dimensional spatial network formed by proper cross-linking. It is mainly used as a raw material for sanitary napkins and diapers in the sanitary field. It is insoluble in water or organic solvents, but it has peculiar water absorption and water retention properties. It also has the characteristics of polymer materials: large water absorption, which can reach hundreds or even thousands of times its own mass, and the water absorption speed can be The gel is formed within a few seconds, and it has strong water retention. It is not easy to lose water even under heat and pressure. It has good stability to light, heat, acid and alkali, and has good biodegradability.

breathable film diaper backsheet

breathable film diaper backsheet


Base film


The base film looks like a layer of plastic film, but it is actually a layer of air-permeable microporous film. Micropores are the most critical part. Since the minimum diameter of water droplets is 20µm, the diameter of water vapor molecules is 0.0004µm, and the diameter of micropores It's between these two. In this way, ventilation and impermeability are ensured.


Anti-leakage at the leg opening


The anti-leakage side of the leg opening is located on both sides of the thigh opening, connecting the surface layer, and its function is to prevent the urine from leaking in time and overflowing from the side.

For a pair of diapers, there are many kinds of raw materials, but they account for the largest proportion, and the most important ones are nothing more than the above. Its mystery has been lifted by everyone! Maybe everyone has discovered that the small diapers do not look complicated, but there are really a lot of high-tech in it.

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