What Kind Of Diapers Are Breathable?

March 15,2021

Although many parents have bought famous brands, once the baby has a red butt phenomenon, it is deemed to be fake. The baby's skin is delicate, coupled with the humidity and heat of the environment, the friction between the diapers and the buttocks can easily cause red buttocks. The importance of breathable diapers is unquestionable, which can isolate red ass at the root. So what baby's diapers material should been choosen to be breathable?


baby red butt with non-breathable diaper material



The Core Of Diapers

Surface layer, core body, base film.


  • In order to promote the rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent back seepage, the surface layer is mostly made of non-woven fabrics.


  • The core body is mainly composed of pure wood pulp and super absorbent resin. Its function is to quickly absorb urine, disperse urine or diffuse urine into the entire core layer through capillary action, and finally absorb and store urine;


The design structure and material of the surface layer and core body can ensure its air permeability.


  • For the bottom film to breathe and prevent leakage, polyethylene PE film is mainly used in China, and non-woven fabrics have been used abroad.


When we choose diapers, we often see test videos sent by merchants. Some merchants conduct tests, but they use new non-absorbent diapers as the test object. Here we have to understand that the breathability of a diaper without water absorption does not mean water absorption. After that, the air permeability will be better. Generally, the new diapers are dry and comfortable, but it is important that the diapers can maintain breathability after absorbing urine. So it's best to try it yourself.


There Are Generally 3 Types Of Base Films;


PE plastic bottom film: poor hand feel, poor air permeability, you can refer to our usual plastic bag cover hand feeling.


PE+ spunbond non-woven fabric surface layer: good hand feeling, easy to pilling, general air permeability,


Hot air non-woven fabric bottom film: soft hand feeling, good air permeability, and the price is from low to high.


In fact, according to current technology, the breathability of diapers should be very good, but diapers are a daily consumable after all, and merchants will choose cheap raw materials for cost savings.


However, there are also diapers that are made in high-end products. They use molecular-grade aerobic breathable bottom film to identify the subtle differences between water molecules and gas molecules, isolate water and ensure that gas can pass through easily. This is a change brought about by technology. Hope it can be popularized as soon as possible.


choose breathable diaper material


Judge If It Is Breathable By A Test


1. Choose diapers after water absorption to do the test.


2. Prepare warm water and a new diaper.


3. The warm water is about 45 degrees, don't use boiled ones, just make sure there is hot air coming out.


4. Pour warm water into the diapers and fully absorb it.


5. After pouring the warm water, cover a cup on the diaper. We can see the heat coming out to the inner wall of the cup and forming water droplets slowly. This means that the diaper is breathable.


I hope that the diaper material provided in this article and the method for judging whether it is breathable can help you. Plus, if you have your final determination, you can contact us, we wholesale diaper raw material with high quality, we will provide you with free quote.